A Letter from Sandra and Boyapati and Pooja


I am pursuing a MBBS degree in Narayana Medical College, Nellore. I received a medical seat in a private college and I have completed my 1st year with distinction.

I am clearly aware of the suffering that is prevailing in this world. As a Medical student, I want to extend my sincere service to the pain and suffering of mankind by becoming a good doctor. This has always been by dream. I sincerely promise to do my best.

I would like to thank you for adopting me in the S FACE Scholarship Program. I have joined in the Nursing course with your kind help. I pray for you daily.

I have completed my first year Bachelor’s course and secured good marks. My study was made possible with your valuable help toward my education. This year I have received the funds for my second year. Thanks you so much for your generosity. I pray to the Lord to bless you and your family for your goodness toward me. Please keep my in your prayers.