Our Purpose

What is our Christian Mission?

 Is committed to answering the call of the Gospel to “hear the cries of the poor” by means of Evangelization through education
 Believes all children should have access to a Christian education regardless of their age, gender, culture, country of origin, or the socioeconomical situation of their families
 Provides a post-secondary education for the youth in India with a future global and educational Christian vision for Evangelization
 Believes that the love of Jesus Christ empowers youth to overcome poverty so they may live a more dignified life while fulfilling their role within the Great Commission

What is our commitment to responsible stewardship?
 Honesty and authenticity are vital to S FACE and its Board of Directors
 All resources are responsibly managed with sound business practices
 S FACE is blessed with faithful advocates who enable us to fulfill our mission with minimal expenses
 Savio J. Samala, of the Diocese of Neilore, South India, represents S FACE and follows-up with scholars throughout the academic year
 Additional income is generated from the Propagation of the Faith mission appeals

How do donations help support our mission?
 Donations in any denomination support the educational needs of youth in technical and college level courses
 Sponsorship links a caring sponsor with a chosen scholar
 Sponsors aid S FACE in providing the scholar with tuition, room and board, books and supplies, and a Christian faith rooted in the Catholic tradition