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Student Profile: Noothalapati

Some details about Noothalapati:

Noothalapati is from first group of S-FACE students. He is a CAD Engineer at Fast Forward Technologies in Hyderabad

Area of Responsibilities

  • Google Earth Pro Geo Referencing Digitizing Base Map
  • Geographical Information System – exceptional knowledge of GIS related software
  • GPS – mapping and large scale field survey

Other Details About Noothalapati

  • Excellent interpersonal skills in a variety of working environments including Government, research organization and MNC.
  • Good working knowledge in Auto CAD

A Letter from Paul Preetha

Thank you so much for the financial support towards my education for the past three years. I have successfully completed my Bachelor degree in Education. Your support has repeatedly played a key role to my success.

Now I am working at St. Joseph’s High School in my home town. I am thrilled and happy to be back as a teacher to the school where I was a student and also I feel so proud to sit with my teachers who taught me. In the school I try my best to teach not just from the books but also from my heart.

Thank you again for your generosity and support. May God bless you, your organization and all the sponsors.

A Letter from Siby

Siby was in the first group of students we selected in 2008. He finished a degree in Nursing in 2011.

I am now doing post graduate diploma in respiratory therapy and I completed my 1st year. I resigned my job a few days ago to complete my 2nd year.

But hospital management called me back and offered me a change in post and a hike in salary saying my job is good and appreciable. Now I am in emergency department as an executive in emergency medical services.

I am happy to share this with you. I really thank you for encouraging me in my education. I remember dad, mom, Fr. Savio and you when people say that I am good in my job